Day 10

Wayward Adventure
Sat 28 Mar 2009 00:46
8:23.430n 123:05.549w
Winds alittle light today. We are getting closer to the doldrums or the ITCZ as it is called today.  The Intertropical convergence zone is a band of low pressure that runs along the equator.  The heat from the sun is concentrated in this area and the hot air rises and heads north and south toword the poles.  As it travels some of the air cools and falls back to Earth at about 30 degrees lattitude and works its way back to the equator as surface winds also known as the trade winds.  We are currently making the transition from the north trades into the ITCZ and its location varies.  Right now it is at about 5 degrees north and only a few hundred miles across.  We may motor through it to get to the south trades.  In the old days ships were becalmed for weeks on end in the doldrums but today we have engines and they will be used without any second thoughts.  Pray for wind or pray for low fuel prices in Polynesia.