Day 13

Wayward Adventure
Tue 31 Mar 2009 02:07
03:45.198n 126:35.429w
What a day today was, steady wind from the SE and averaging 6.5knts.  Last night was quite a rush with all the squalls surrounding us.  It is part of being in the ITCZ.  The squalls average about half mile across and are these dark clouds with heavy rain under them.  You can see them in the distance and even show up on the radar screen.  Last night around 2 a.m. we went through one and the boat went from 3knts to 8.5knots in about 15 seconds.  As the boat was speeding up buckets of rain started pouring like I have never seen.  You could have drowned standing on deck.  We raced along in this torrential rain for about 10 minutes and then as quickly as it started it stopped, back to 3knts and sky full of stars.  What a ride.  Not to worry, the "wayward" needs about 35knots of wind to have to reduce sails and these squalls rarely reach that wind speed so it was exciting but not dangerous. We are now sailing along and no squalls in sight, we have found wind and are ready for the SE trades to kick in a few days from now.  The ITCZ behind us and looking forward to the equator.