Wayward Adventure
Wed 15 Apr 2009 19:15
09:54.859s 139:06.592w
Anchored in the south bight of Ivaiva bay.  Quite a contrast to Virgins bay.  Here it is not as lush and each cove has a small private white sand beach.  The difference in the weather from island to island is notable but even noticeable from bay to bay.  The shape and height determines if there is allot of rainfall and wind as the high islands trap the clouds up in the peaks and provide rain almost constantly and bays with long valleys going up get the wind tunnel affect .  We are enjoying the relative low wind and rain as they are always present but to varying degrees.  At present we are the only boat anchored in the bay and enjoying the privacy but that will change I am sure because all of the bays are getting quite full.  This is the time that all the boats from the Americas and Europe who intend to do the 'coconut milk run' (as the westward run through the south pacific is called) descend upon the small coves of the Marquises.  We are going to stay here tonight and head back to Atuona on Hiva Oa tomorrow.  We are picking up a part for the Generator on Thursday.  The generator decided to quit on us our last day of the long passage and so we have had to charge batteries with our engine and alternator since.  Not only is it loud but it consumes allot more fuel than our genny.  When it happened I was distraught, thinking how in the world do you get parts out here.  I called Panda generators in Florida and they assured me what the problem was and said they would fly out the replacement parts to Tahiti free of charge and our contact in Tahiti said that it just arrived.  The parts are going on an inter-island flight today and all in all we got the parts in one week.  Wow.  It is harder to get stuff shipped to you in Mexico.  So back to Atuona to take care of business and re-up on baguettes.  Yes baguettes.  There is a baguette feeding frenzy on all the islands that have bakeries.  The first time we saw people leaving the small store in the harbor all smiling and each loaded up with 5 or 6 full length baguettes we kind of laughed.  Then we bought one....it barely made it back to the boat....mk the French got the fresh bread thing down.  Baked fresh twice daily and now understanding the true meaning of selling like hot cakes, we will never buy just one again.  C'est bon.... a demain,