Wayward Adventure
Mon 2 Nov 2009 04:41
21:07.670s 175:09.701w
After being in Tonga for two and a half months, today is departure day.  We have been in Nuku'alofa for two weeks and have had quite a time with parties goodbyes and difficult times as well.  The original plan was to have Lauren fly to New Zealand and I would pick up crew to do the passage.  Lauren, after enduring 10,000 miles of seasickness had wanted to skip this challenging and for her most likely one long week being ill so it was easy to agree and get some crew.  So we picked up one crew in Vavau and two more in Nuku'alofa.  David who we picked up in Vavau didn't work out so it was to be Pat, Patty and myself.  After getting things in order and checking out an unfortunate accident happened.  Pat while walking down the stairs slipped and broke her leg.  It was severe and she needed immediate surgery so we got her on a plane with Patty to help her and give her support for the trip to Auckland and the surgery soon after.  All went well and her surgery took place the next day.  Our prays go out to Pat for enduring such a traumatic accident and hope she recovers well enough to go sailing again soon.  We had to scramble to find crew but luckily there was a very nice French couple looking for a ride to New Zealand so Lauren got to fly anyways and I am heading south today.  The trip will take about a week and I will put an entry in everyday.