Chicken of the Sea

Wayward Adventure
Tue 18 Nov 2008 15:54
24:13.255n 112:04.666w
     This just in....Sunday afternoon around 4:00pm Captain Aaron Pierce landed his first offshore tuna!! The sparkling yellowfin tuna received several stout blows to the head as well as a few shots of high quality gin to the gills and upon death, was thoroughly cleaned and beautifully filleted by the Captain himself. Pictures soon to follow. Needless to say, a sizeable chunk of prime sashimi was first priority for Aaron, leaving the remainder of the tasty flesh to be prepared under the imaginative culinary skill of Chef Lauren ;- ) 
(p.s. Note to self: Ease off the fresh cracked pepper next time....) Ahi cant get any fresher than that folks!! 
     The sail down the coast has indeed provided ample opportunities for the up-close observance of numerous sea creatures; in fact, just this morning we were surprised to find two flying fish and four squid (yeah I know?! Squid! How did they end up that far out of the water?) which found their final resting place on our deck at some point during the night! Flying fish are amazing to watch as they really do "fly" over the crest of the swell and when examined up close, it is easy to see why. Their sturdy "wings" are relatively large and seem almost bat-like in appearance. We are sad to have found the fish long since dead, but it is so neat to finally get to see the much-talked about creature fulfill the stories we have heard of ships decks being absolutely covered with them in the morning (and apparently they are good eating when fried whole for breakfast but I was not quite ready to try out any flying fish recipes at this point).
     We passed our last waypoint in the early morning hours and are now in the home stretch currently 20 miles off of Bahia Santa Marina and closing the gap to Cabo fast! Under sail at the moment, we are making an average of 5.5 knots which should put us in Cabo sometime tomorrow morning. Whohoo!! I cant wait ;- )        -Lauren