Day 6

Wayward Adventure
Mon 23 Mar 2009 22:34
14:59.823n 117:18.305w
After a few days of frustrating sailing things have gotten better.  The wind was shifty and inconsistant until late this morning.  The winds have settled to a little north of NE and blowing about 20knts, we are on a reach taking the wind on our starboard quarter and averaging 6 to 7 knts.  Hope it lasts especially through the night because sail changes and adjustments at night are a pain.  Nothing to report, actually saw and talked to a ship a few minutes ago, big tanker headed for Yosu, maybe Japan.  Lauren will be writing soon but has been a bit seasick and reading and writing can be a challenge but she is feeling much better now and has just forgiven me for talking her into this.