Wayward Adventure
Fri 22 May 2009 02:40
15:36.400s 146:20.471w
Anchored in the atoll of Apataki right next to Gilligan's island.  At least thats what it looks like to me.  It takes a full half hour to walk around it so it is perfect for me as I don't like to walk much longer than that.  Our last week has been fun as we have been buddy boating with a catamaran called Carinthia and tomorrow we part ways as we are headed to Tahiti and they head north.  We are both excited to see the Society Islands of Tahiti, Morea, Bora Bora and the rest but have really appreciated the desert island motif of the past three weeks.  The abundance of coral, although troublesome when your anchor chain wraps around it, has been a real treat.  Now on to the next chapter.  The trip should take a day and a half and then we enter the lagoon at Tahiti and try to find a good anchoring spot in this very busy port.  Next week Lauren is flying back to Seattle to visit family for 2 weeks and the Wayward and I will have to make due on our own in Tahiti.  The idea for her to fly home came up recently after talking with numerous women on other boats that were flying back to visit family and friends.  Not seeing family for a few months is hard but for seven more months would be alot for most women to handle.  So I am joining the community of men that will be waiting on their boats in Papeete for their loved ones to return refreshed and loaded up like pack mules with boat supplies from the US of A.  Lauren will return on June 11th and then we have until July 9th, when our visas will expire, to enjoy the Societies then on to the Cook Islands.  So long,