Day 15

Wayward Adventure
Thu 2 Apr 2009 01:16
00:18.111s 129:57.070w
Our noon to noon mileage was 200nm exactly, that's averaging 8knts for 24 hours.  Noon was a special time because we crossed the equator into the southern hemisphere.  On your first crossing there are all manners of ceremonies that can be preformed, most involving rum or the likes of and all meant to be offerings to Neptune.  Before leaving Seattle I received the strangest of going away presents.  It was less of a gift and more of a request, 'Here in this box are the ashes of Augustus Murphy, he was always a captain and hoped you could spread his ashes in an appropriate manner' were Jeff Murphy's words.  Little Gus, never was there a more suborned willed Jack Russell terrier to ever live.  He would charge a pit-bull or a mouse with the same abandon.  Not even a mirror could prove to him that he was just a little fella.  It took me well over a year to befriend the little asshole, but once befriended you were thereby under his love and protection, like it or not.  I feel honored to lay Gus in his final resting place and at noon we did just that.  We present Captain Augustus Murphy to the deep sea and may we all be accepted as Neptune's children, as all who cross the equator are considered.