Tonga to New Zealand 6

Wayward Adventure
Sun 8 Nov 2009 05:38
31:30.6187s 174:57.290e   
Getting closer.  Waiting for the wind to turn more to the west so we can make our turn towards Opua.  Still SSW and looking for SW.  Only a little over 200 miles on a straight line to Opua but unfortunately we cannot take that track unless we motor and bash into the wind and waves.  Now who wants to do that?  We are still on what you would consider a beat but we are taking the waves at about 50 degree angles.  We have not done allot of upwind sailing in the past year but I think The Wayward is sailing "to weather" quite well.  Ask Lauren and she will tell you that nothing sails to weather like a 747.  She has informed me that she is having a good time on land and is glad to miss this portion of the journey.  I had a nice Tuna today, had him right by the boat and was just about to gaff him when he shook out the hook.  I was not happy but really the last thing we need on board is more meat for the customs to throw away.  Til then,