Wayward Adventure
Fri 28 Aug 2009 21:50
Been enjoying the waters of Tonga and the uniqueness of the islands and their inhabitants.  The people here are extremely friendly and very quick to smile.  We have done some exploring of the outer islands and did some snorkeling in one of the attractions called Mariner's cave.  To access the cave you need to dive down about 8ft then swim about 10 to 12ft through the tunnel into a cave that is lit by the tunnel entrance.  Going in is very intimidating as you don't know how far to go and it looks pitch black inside until you surface.  We were with 2 different boats so we had about 10 people there in the cave.  Even the 3 kids from Bravado went in to their credit (ages 7 to 12) as the adventure was more of an exercise in overcoming fear.  On the way out, because of the light, you can see how short of a swim it is even though it seemed so long going in.   We had to cut the excursion short and head back to town as one of the other cruisers was having his 50th birthday party that included touring the island in motorized go-carts.  I unfortunately or fortunately could not fit in the carts so was given a quad-runner that was much more comfortable.  The tour was fun as we could not help but race eachother even though we were told not to.  It was like throwing things in class behind the teachers back.  When the guide would pull over and turn around to check on us we would all fall into single file line but as soon as he started up again we would resume our deviance.  We are going to head out again today despite the over abundance of wind, but we want to see more of the islands before the regatta week starts September 3-8th.