Day 7

Wayward Adventure
Wed 25 Mar 2009 00:42
13:24.773n 118:48.300w
Yes, its me...I am alive and well  (or at least I keep telling myself that!) and looking very forward to reaching our destination! My body seems to be taking its sweet time getting used to the "motion of the ocean" and they always say it takes about 3-4 days so maybe I am just a bit behind schedule? All in all, the days are beautiful and the nights are long, but that is really nothing to complain about as the weather has been pleasant, the seas clam, and the winds continue to blow, so we have been lucky thus far. We are adjusting to the daily routine and have been listening to music, watching a few movies, and of course Aaron is constantly trimming the sails and making adjustments like a good captain should ;- )  It helps me to think of the time left in terms of days at sea, whereas Aaron is always thinking about our average speed and heading along with our remaining mileage.... An innate gender difference perhaps? Checking in with the PacSea Net has allowed Aaron to track the progress of our friend Richard on his boat the "Abrazo" who left Cabo shortly after we did and knowing that there is a kind soul nearby is helpful to me if for noting else than peace of mind.  ~Lauren