Niue to Tonga

Wayward Adventure
Tue 18 Aug 2009 21:31
18:55.015s 170:51.542w
On route to Tonga, Left at 2 a.m. so we would have a full day Wednesday to navigate the passage into Neiafu and clear customs during the daylight hours.  Niue was quite a surprise and we are glad we went there.  We rented a car with a couple from the boat Kalalau and drove around the island stopping to look at all the different attractions.  Interestingly George from Kalalau was the captain of "Adventuress" a 130ft schooner that people may have seen traveling around the Pacific Northwest doing sail training. Niue being a raised coral atoll, means that it once was an atoll with lagoon and motus but at some point the entire island was pushed up and the coast and lagoon became the highlands and the reef became the coast.  So when you walk around you are looking at coral formations that used to be underwater.  Will post pictures.   The amount of whales in this area is unbelievable and I am told that Tonga is full of them as well.  Since it is winter here they come up from Antarctica and have their babies and then head back south in the summer months to feed.  The weather is fine and we are making good time, seems strange to see four countries in 3 weeks, but we will be slowing down and making Tonga home for a while.  Looking forward to reuniting with some of the cruisers that we have not seen in a while since Bora Bora as many boats went in different directions but all will congregate there for a while.