Bahia Agua Verde

Wayward Adventure
Fri 23 Jan 2009 21:20
25:30.779n 111:03.774w
Buenas Tardes from Agua Verde!
     Before I start rambling on about the cute little fishing town we are currently in, I must openly brag about my wonderful, handsome, and newly licensed HAM radio operator boyfriend who passed BOTH of his HAM tests in La Paz and who deserves more credit than he gives himself (as I looked at some of the test questions online and man were they hard!) And he had to take the normal AND the advanced test to get the license he wanted....Nice work baby ;- ) Not to say that he has been chatting it up on the HAM nets as of late, but the license will enable us to participate in cruisers nets (HAM is available all over the world and is more extensive which makes it very useful to boaters but if you don't have a license and call sign you can only use it in case of an emergency) in the south pacific, get weather reports, and check-in with other boaters nearby to keep tabs on one another for general safety reasons.
     Oh by the way, as I am standing in the pilot house typing away, there is a ray of some sort (I cant ever tell if is a sting or manta ray) hurling itself out of the water and flapping madly, trying to stay airborne, before splashing back down and then repeating the process......nature at its best! and very entertaining to say the least. That's it for now. More on the cute fishing village to come. Stay tuned.....  ~Lorena