Channel Islands

Wayward Adventure
Thu 6 Nov 2008 19:39
33:48.097n 120:34.937w
Things are all good here.  We are enjoying the gradual change in climate.  The layers of clothes  are getting thinner but not quite shorts and t-shirts yet.  Looks like about 24 hours left till San Diego.  Hopefully get in and get out of there by mid week.  Have a few mechanical issues to address.  I guess this coastal trip has been one big shake down cruise.  All the little bugs showing up while we are still close to American  resources.  Everyone on board is very happy about the election, we listened in on Sirius radio but it would have been nice to have some visuals of the big win.  We will however definitely remember where we were when Obama won.  I hope he gets the best staff ever assembled.  We have to first pull the plane from a dive and level off before we can worry about climbing.  I guess I don't mean we I mean you...we are outa here.  Good luck with everything.  Thanks for loaning me that money.