Wayward Adventure
Fri 8 May 2009 07:15
16:03.530s 145:37.250w
     The past few days have been spent uneventfully anchored in the flat calm lagoon of Fakarava in front of the main village called Rotoava. Fakarava is the second largest Tuamoto atoll about 450 km northeast of Tahiti. A pass gives access to each end of this large, rectangular lagoon which is dotted and flanked by 80 coconut covered motus, small islands that lie atop the reef making up the atoll, making it seem very much like we are anchored in the middle of a very calm, island-strewn ocean.
     Early this morning we awoke to find a large ship at the nearby quay being busily unloaded by locals. We quickly raced into town after listening to the morning net and while passing the nearest grocery-style store our suspicions were confirmed...the supply ship had come!
     The supply ship is an object of much excitement among cruisers and locals alike as it arrives from Tahiti loaded with supplies, special orders, fuel, inter-island goods and most importantly fresh fruit and veggies!!  We were able to purchase oranges, apples (what a treat!), pineapple, zucchini, and fresh scallions from a local Frenchie with a small road-side booth and were amazed to find even more produce at the nearby store as well. Needless to say, the soil here is akin to sand and does not sustain more than the hardy local flora and numerous coconut palms that cover all of the atolls; therefore, the arrival of the fresh goodies aboard the supply ship must be as exciting for the locals as it is for us boaters! 
     We rounded out the morning with a trip to the bakery and carried our load back to the dingy, Aaron with his backpack loaded to the brim and myself with an armful of baguettes. Not too bad for a morning's worth of island shopping I should think......  ~LH