Passage 2

Wayward Adventure
Wed 16 Jun 2010 01:13

30:56.717s 175:42.770e


So the much anticipated trip North is underway and going well.  Had a rough night out of the box but we made very good time exceeding 200nm in 24 hours.  Lauren is back in the States visiting family.  We thought we would be in Fiji by June 5th so we booked her a ticket out of there but alas with delays and such the passage had to wait so Lauren flew out of Auckland to Fiji to catch her flight.  I have aboard a very nice couple from Holland and the Netherlands.  They took alittle time getting their legs but are feeling much better now but in all fairness the first day and a half was quite rough but we averaged about 8.5 knots so bye bye New Zealand  we will remember you fondly.