Tonga to New Zealand 4

Wayward Adventure
Fri 6 Nov 2009 08:30

28:39.649s 178:46.248e

Motorsailing through the night.  Wind should be here tomorrow.  Decided to take a more westerly approach because there is supposed to be sw winds in a few days and that will put us in a good position to take a starboard tack towards Opua around Monday.  Think we should get there on Tuesday, weather permitting.  Not much else going on.  The new crew are vegetarians so I am trying my best to eat the provisions that we have since New Zealand customs take all food products that are meat, frozen or otherwise.  I feel like I am on the Atkins diet.  I just feel like I paid for it so it would be a shame to throw it overboard but maybe it is the smart thing to do.  The funny thing is now all the veggie meals they are cooking look really appealing to me right now.  Maybe I could slip some hamburger meat into their spaghetti sauce and they won't notice.  I'll let you know how that goes over.  Til tomorrow,