When fish can fly

Wayward Adventure
Sun 16 Nov 2008 15:51
27:58.381n 115:42.034w
QUESTION: When a bird and a fish fall in love, where do they live?  ANSWER: Nobody knows but I have just seen proof of their union.  I thought I saw a bird flying by the boat and then I realized it was not a bird but a flying fish.  Definitely in strange waters now.  We are making good time but have had to supplement our sailing with some use of the "iron sail".  The wind is nice and steady during the day but seems to die at the same time each night.  The 1.5 knots and constant slamming of the sails flogging all night became more than annoying, more like a Guantanamo Bay torture session.  We are sailing alone now, just the two of us and running 4 hour wheel watches.  We both tend to be up when it's light out and actually get plenty of rest if you remember to take a nap during the day, otherwise there is some head nodding on night watch.  Have not seen any whales but are frequently visited by dolphins,  If I see any of them fly I will definitely let you know.  See ya,