Slow road to Cabo

Wayward Adventure
Fri 14 Nov 2008 19:32
31:01.583n 116:44.620w
The long awaited trip to Mexico is going to be enjoyed by us for a long time...I don't mean some time in the future I mean for a long time right now.  The wind is blowing in the right direction but is only teasing us with 4 and 5 knots.  We have pledged to sail all the way there no matter how slow it goes, we'll see how long that holds up.  The forecast is for low winds for a few days maybe longer and at 2 knots of speed our patience will be put to the test.  I predict our pledge will be broken before our will is.  We have to thank our San Diego connections,  Patrick and Patricia,  Peter and Nancy, Stewart, Alan aka Dr. Electron, Fritz, Dynamic Dave and the folks at Downwind Marine.  Oh..hold on I just felt a gust of wind...a new record for today!...2.5 kts, we'll be there in no time.  Adios muchachos,
AP&LH    /) /)