Feliz Navidad

Wayward Adventure
Fri 26 Dec 2008 16:09
24:31.692n 110:22.538w
Merry Christmas to all.  It has certainly been a bit difficult to be in the Christmas spirit when it seems like summer.  I have to remind myself constantly that it is December.  Currently the Wayward is anchored in Caleta Partida, an old volcano crater about half mile across.  My mother and daughter are aboard and we had a nice x-mas morning here.  I have to brag here like a proud Papa.  The day before yesterday my daughter became an official scuba diver.  We got on with a scuba charter and headed to Los Isolotes, a well known rock where sealions and people swim together.  The little pups are cute as can be and seem to have no fear of people.  Z my daughter having quite a bit of reservations about the whole affair, not only of swimming with wild animals but also of putting on scuba gear and learning how to use this contraption they strapped to her back.  It is wonderful watching someone overcome their fears right in front of your eyes.  So the instructor put her through the paces, clearing your mask underwater, dropping and finding your regulator and putting it back in your mouth , all the hand signs and what to and not to do.  Zanovia passed with flying colors so down we went together and had a great dive with the sealions swimming between us and me feeling quite pround of my hija.  We will head to Isla San Francisco today and check out the sites there before heading back to La Paz.  My Lauren, having jumped ship to visit family back in the northwest will be returning on Monday to visit with my family before they head out on Wednesday.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a happy safe New Year.