Wayward Adventure
Sat 18 Oct 2008 01:25
44:37.440n 124:03.149w
So soon after the last entry the auto pilot started acting up and it was soon discovered that the hydraulic steering was not fixed after all.  There was leaking from the top of the unit and the seals that were put in in Port Angeles were the wrong kind I am told.  So now we are in the south marina in Newport and the hydraulic specialist in town is going to take the whole steering unit into the shop to pressure test and get the right seals put in on  monday.  I am learning quickly that part of the cruising lifestyle is to not have too strict of an itinerary and go with the flow of whatever is happening at the moment be it mechanical problems, weather or any other unforseen problems.  Newport is actually a really busy fishing port with lots to do and see so we will enjoy and be off when were off.