Passage Conclusion

Wayward Adventure
Thu 24 Jun 2010 05:28
17:55.290s 177:15.192e

So anyone who may have been following during the crossing I apologize as
we had water damage to a cable that connects the computer to the satphone.
After our 3rd or 4TH Day on passage we got hit with a nice gale. 50
knots of wind and big seas to match. We were getting allot of waves on
deck and to our dismay the boat is not nearly as water tight as I would
have wished…I think the crew would have wished as well for a dry living
space but it was not to be. The decks however proved to be completely
waterproof but that is of no use if the windows leak. Now I need to get
them to be waterproof even if they are fully submerged…Any ideas out
there? One thing I am very happy about is the performance of the boat in
Heavy weather. She powered through with only a reefed mainsail and
forestaysail alone and held strong until the wind died and the waves were
left to batter us with no wind to support the boat that is when all hell
broke loose as we tried to run around and tie down and repair everything
before the next big gust came but it never came. The next day was picture
perfect and we cruised along drinking beer and catching Mahi Mahi to a
gentle breeze and bright sun…funny how fast things can change out on the
sea. So now it is Monday and we are anchored just inside the pass of the
Lagoon and will check in tomorrow. Aaah peace and quiet….zzzzzzz