Almost there!

Wayward Adventure
Sat 2 May 2009 04:36
14:48.165s   144:09.741w
     After leaving Nuka Hiva on Tuesday afternoon, the past few days seemed to have flown by in comparison to the much longer pacific "crossing" we completed en route to the Marquesas last month..... and Thank God for that!!  We are looking at reaching the first of the atolls we plan to visit in the Tuamotu Archipelago before noon tomorrow and I for one cant wait to drop the hook and dive in the crystal clear water of the lagoon. Hopefully it will be as refreshing as I imagine it to be as we have been sweltering in the heat out here with temperatures reaching 85-90 degrees as early as 9:00 in the morning! And as you all know I am already pretty hot-bodied to begin with so its not as if the heat is a welcome comfort after a chilly night out on deck or anything, but oh well...I'm not complaining as I am sure the weather in some places where you'all are at is not so great at the moment ;- )
     Speaking of being out on deck at night.....I had my first memorable "night watch" last night in that during my watch from 9:00pm to 12:00 I was: a) Not asking myself why I was doing this, b) Feeling very good health-wise, and c) I watched the best moon-set I have ever seen towards the very end of my watch and then returned to my berth for another 3 hours of peaceful sleep! I am not sure what the correct name for this phenomenon is, but watching the reddish-orange orb of the moon literally sink below the waterline at 11:30 last night was truly an amazing sight complete with shooting stars and a phosphorescent light shown in our wake as the sea creatures must have been responding to the lunar cycle and set about flashing and flaring off in rapid succession unlike that I have ever seen before at the precise moment the moon slipped beneath the surface of the cloud studded I can only wonder....What might tonight's watch hold in store for me?