Wayward Adventure
Sun 22 Nov 2009 19:31
35:02.808s 173:44.392e
Anchored in the bay of Whangaroa pronounced Fangaroa.  We decided to travel up north to see some of the sites up here before heading back down and preparing for our haul-out in Opua.  The boat is in need of some work and we are going to give her a long week of repairs and paint after so many thousands of miles.  The country side is very nice here but maybe not as impressive to Lauren and I because we are from the Northwest and it is so similar to the landscape here.  It is strange to see pine trees mixed in with palm trees however and the people here are quite different.  The cool temperatures are a change for us as we have not experienced anything like this since the early spring of 2008 but summer is on the way so we will be blessed with another warm season soon.  Thanksgiving for us will be shared with some our cruiser friends at the house of a New Zealand couple that did the Pacific crossing with us.  We will attempt to bring this Holiday to NZ with Turkey and the works.  We will be sharing this with our friends from Carinthia and Follow You Follow Me, as well as our hosts Kaumoana.  We know that we have been dropping the ball as far as pictures go but when we have good internet we will post pictures from Tonga and New Zealand.  So have a good Thanksgiving and our Love goes out to our Families and friends.
Aaron n Lauren