Cabo San Lucas

Wayward Adventure
Thu 20 Nov 2008 15:27
22:53.409n 109:53.698w
Made it in on Wednesday after six days and only 30 hours of motoring.  The last few days must be what the trade winds feel like, 20kts on the quarter and steady.  Tried to clear customs yesterday and the amount of B.S. was everythng I had heared it was.  It really helps when you don't know three words of spanish.  After hours of waiting and walking here and there getting copies of this and that for the immigration guys I finally made it to(found) the Capitania de Puerto office to finish up.  As I was walking up to the door a lady said something to me in spanish and then clicked a pad lock.  I learned another word "cerrado" it means closed.  I looked at my watch again and couldn't believe it, 2:30...cerrado.  Another word I am going to have to get used to is mananna.  Come back tomorrow.  So now it is tomorrow and I must go meet the Capitania.
AP /)/)