Isla San Francisco

Wayward Adventure
Thu 22 Jan 2009 17:39
24:49.207n 110:34.280w
Anchored on Isla San Francisco about 44nm from La Paz.  According to the chartplotter we are literally ON The Island.  This error has been well noted and not a surprise that it happens but it still is alittle unsettling to see your boat parked right in the middle of the Island.  This time the error is about a half a mile or so.  I wonder if the Lat and Long correspond correctly on Google Earth, I would assume so.  Anyways,  We went for a hike yesterday around the island, there is a trail that cuts across and takes you up to the top of the ridge line and continues around for about a 3 mile loop.  The landscape here is beautiful but I am looking forward to seeing a tree again someday.  Even a blade of grass would be sufficient.  I can't complain because for the 2 months we have been in Mexico it has rained for a total of one hour and that can truly be appreciated by all Northwesterners.  The temperature is pretty consistent around eighty degrees and there are few bugs, however on occasion we have been visited by Mothra.  You remember the giant moth that used to battle Godzilla back in the day, well he lives in Baja now.  They are so big that you dare not hit it with your shoe but instead a catch and release approach is used to avoid a mess inside the boat.  The wind is going to be very light for the next few days so we are going to motor north in a hurry and then sail downwind and hit all the spots we passed on the way up.  Feels good to be moving again, but I would recommend La Paz to anyone.  Take care,