Papeete, Tahiti

Wayward Adventure
Tue 26 May 2009 04:45
17:35.389s  149:36.879w
     Well we have officially arrived safe and sound in the very busy port of Papeete, Tahiti. After motoring down the marked entrance channel, we began to wonder where we would ever find space to drop the hook as we passed through row after row of boats anchored or tied up to mooring balls. Compared to the isolation of the Tuamoto atolls, the number of boats here is truly overwhelming; however, we managed to squeeze ourselves in between another boat (from Canada!) and a channel marker outside of Papeetes' Marina Taina and have been enjoying our lucky find ever since! With only a 2 minute ride to the dingy dock, this spot is very accessible and in a great location near the huge supermarket, the bus stop, and even a few restaurants. And even better, this side of the island provides an amazing view of nearby Moorea, which we look forward to visiting soon as we have heard great things about the tranquil sister island to Tahiti.
     Papeete is a bustling metropolis in the middle of the South Pacific and we have been amazed at the number of cars and scooters that seem to zoom around at all hours. During a much- longer-than-intended walk yesterday, Aaron and I familiarized ourselves with the city while looking for a place to get a bite to eat. When attempting to catch the city bus (or "Le Truck" as it is called) back to the marina, we found ourselves about 12 km away with no more buses running! As neither of us are gluttons for punishment, we walked to the nearest resort, the beautiful Royal Tahitian, and asked for a cab to be called. Taxi Elisa arrived and we were whisked away by a charming local lady who we came to find out was the first woman taxi driver on the island some 30 years ago, so needless to say, the ride back was entertaining as well as overpriced!  After all, she is some-what of a legend in Papeete (or in her own mind!) so why shouldn't she be priced accordingly?! 
     As Aaron mentioned, I have booked my flight home (well actually my mom had to do it for me!) and am very excited to see my family and friends who I have been missing very much, but also sad to be leaving my wonderful boyfriend and this amazing island which we have yet to fully explore.   ~LH