Wayward Adventure
Sat 27 Jun 2009 19:56
16:42.806s 151:02.278w
Anchored in the lagoon by the NW pass of Huahine.  We are now in what is considered the Leeward islands of French Polynesia.  We only have a few weeks left on our visas but have been assured by our agent that we can stay 2 weeks after our expiration date.  Huahine is nice and have heard great things about it but we are going to move on to Raiatea/Tahaa today.  Morea is our favorite so far, especially because of the Rendezvous that took place last week there.  About 50 boats from all over the world met there and Andy the owner of Latitude 38(a sailing magazine like 48 north) flies out and organizes and MCs the events.  Some of the events included a dinner and show but the big events were the competitions the following day.  Lauren and I competed in the outrigger canoe races and got a respectable second place but a lawsuit is pending as we are awaiting the results of the steroid test we demanded of the winning boat.  There was also a coconut shucking competition that was useful to learn how to open and get the milk and meat out of those frustrating little things.  All in all it was allot of fun and I give Lauren the credit of insisting that we attend as I thought it would be a waste of time but I could not have been more wrong.  We are now heading to the grocery store here and hear it is the last one we will encounter with any kind of selection until New Zealand.  That is the bad news, the good news is the price of food will be very cheap as we move west especially compared to the extremely high cost of living established by the French here.  I had an interesting conversation with a Tahitian who expressed that most of the people here are not especially fond of the French(sounds familiar) and they want to be independent.  My hope is with them.