Honeymoon Cove

Wayward Adventure
Mon 26 Jan 2009 17:54
25:48.523n 111:15.460w
     We spent one perfectly calm and restful evening and one rough and rolly evening anchored in a cove on the southern shore of Bahia Agua Verde, a small fishing village connected to Mexico Highway 1 by a 25 mile dirt road. The village has become a popular anchorage for cruisers with beautiful, protected (except for our last night there apparently!) waters, awesome snorkeling and diving sites, scenic hiking along various goat trails, a small store called "Tienda Diconsa" or simply "Maria's", a school, restaurant (that looked interesting, but not nearly tempting enough for us to stop and sample), and goat dairy. All in all, a very rural Mexican village. We did not have many opportunities to interact with the locals; however, one morning I came up on deck to find Aaron talking with a fisherman who had pulled up alongside the boat in his panga selling shell necklaces and jewelry made by women in the village. Aaron donated to the "fund" (which was actually for his sick daughter verified by a letter in English from other cruisers) and I ended up with a very pretty orange-ish white coral necklace ;- ) 
     Early (depending on what your definition of early is...mine is before 9:00am) Sunday morning, we set off for Puerto Escondido to get gas for the dingy. (As an aside, I would like to say "Thanks!" to my brother Dana for the use of his outboard which has been performing like a champ and has essentially made the trip as we would literally have been stuck without it! Love you brother!). We pulled into Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante (Dancer Island) 3.5 miles east of Puerto Escondido and dropped the hook in a picture perfect little cove with schools of rays swimming around us as we battled the gigantic wasp-like flying creatures that seemed to appear out of nowhere but never really made out to sting either of us....lucky for us I guess ;- ) Puerto Escondido turned out to be a major non-event and felt very much like a modern metal and concrete ghost-town where many boats are said to hide out from storms during the summer hurricane months. In a few hours we will head North to the town of Loreto which I have been looking forward to for many days as I have heard great things about the growing missionary town thought to be next in line for the "New Cabo" in Baja. We shall see.....