San Diego

Wayward Adventure
Sun 9 Nov 2008 05:39
32:40.918n 117:09.831w
72 hours later and we have indeed arrived in San Diego after making (and eating!) far too many slices of tasty pies, saying goodbye to new friends with intentions to see them soon ;- ) and bidding the rainy city of Sausalito adieu. It felt wonderful to take a break from the chill of the Northern coast of California and cruise into San Diego Harbor with a warm (I would even call it hott!) sun on our backs. We have been anchored in front of the Coronado Municipal Golf Course in Glorietta Bay since Friday afternoon and plan to stay until Tuesday after we have our SSB hooked up Monday morning. We are finding it helpful to have a few extra days to kick around in the states running errands before we leave the US (and all its familiar stores, services, and favorite food items) for an extended length of time! Next on the list is board shorts and beach clothes and maybe a few spare parts or two if we have the room ;- )    -Lauren