Day 16

Wayward Adventure
Fri 3 Apr 2009 03:54
02:03.052s 131:29.741w
As the light at the end of the tunnel draws closer, I find myself looking forward with pleasure to 2 things: First, the stillness I imagine will come with dropping the hook in a calm bay at Fatu Hiva and second, doing laundry! That and my Sonicare keeps dying out on me so I hope that when we get closer to land it feels better and stops acting up ;- ) Actually it is getting to the point where Aaron and I have started watching movies and HBO TV series (on DVD of course) in the daytime...gasp! what I like to think of as an effort to stay out of the blazing equatorial sun, but in reality is out of pure boredom and laziness on our part. Meals have even gotten to the point where anything requiring turning on the oven or stove, chopping more than one food item, or using more than 2 pans/bowls/pots is almost entirely out of the question; therefore, my passage favorite has become the newly rediscovered brown-bag classic.....the peanut butter & jelly sandwich!! Easy to prepare, no cooking required, and with a minimum of 3 ingredients it is easy to see why childhood memories of school lunches (quickly and thoughtlessly) prepared by mom remain so sweet ;- )