Wayward Adventure
Sat 20 Jun 2009 03:28
17:30.122s  149:49.244w
      As many of you already know, I am way overdue for an entry as I recently flew back to Seattle for a 2 week visit and returned to Tahiti on the 13th of June. My trip was a sort-of "supply visit" for much needed boat parts (as well as a fresh supply of DVDs!) but more importantly and the real "I was crying every time I got an e-mail from my parents or my sister" reason I went home was that it had been too long since I had seen my family!! Thankfully, Aaron was supportive of the idea and I am sure the thought of all those new HBO series was pretty enticing as well ;- ) I had a great time while I was back and of course when it came time to leave I was both ready to see Aaron and get back to the boat, but also very sad to leave my family and the beautiful Seattle weather that I had been so blessed with the entire time I was home! I have upcoming visits from family and friends in New Zealand to look forward to and I'm sure I will have lots to entertain me along the way....
       Now to the present, as soon as I returned to Papeete Aaron was ready to haul in the old chain  and get the hell outa there so -to-speak so that is exactly what we did after visiting the market, propane filling station, gas station, supermarket, pearl shops, roulettes on the waterfront (fast food trucks set-up at night with tasty Chinese and other types of food), McDonalds, and the laundromat.....phew! We made the short trip over to Moorea (sadly there was no wind so we motored) and are currently anchored in Cook's Bay on the north side of the island. It is absolutely beautiful here, reminiscent of the Marquesan islands but without the rolly anchorages, frequent rain-showers, and unrelenting is so far one of my favorite spots and we have yet to do any exploring to date!
      We are looking forward to the arrival of many of our cruising friends who will be sailing over to Moorea from Papeete tomorrow for the annual "Tahiti > Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous" (which we wisely by-passed the sailing portion of!) and plan to meet up with them for the festivities next door in Opunohu Bay, Moorea. Did you say Tahitian Dancing and Food....and for FREE?!?.....I'm there ;- )    ~LH