Wayward Adventure
Wed 29 Apr 2009 18:44
10:12.294s 140:57.743w
Underway, heading for Kauehi in the Tuamotos.  Left Nuka Hiva Yesterday afternoon and ready for some new sites.  Should be there Sometime Saturday.  The Marquesas were fun but when it's time to go it's time to go.  We will try to get some pictures on the blog in Fakarava but it might have to wait till Tahiti.  I strongly encourage you to download Google earth if you have not so that you can zoom in to the actual ports of call we are at and view the photos of the area that people have posted.  There is a link on the blog page under the map.  Go ahead don't be scared.  I actually us it allot when I have internet excess to look at some of the harbor entrances we will be using.  With the Marquesas already below the horizon we will always remember how sweet it is to see land after three weeks at sea.  We are looking forward to the clear waters of the Tuamotos and the snorkeling that is renowned there.  The waters of the Marquesas are just not very clear and after my last venture I retired the mask and fins for a while.  Another cruiser told me he had a 'hookah' which is a battery operated device that has long tubes that allow you to breath underwater without scuba tanks.  We loaded up my dingy and he and I headed to some spot he had been to the day before.  As we were approaching I noticed something in the water directly in front of the dingy and didn't have time to turn.  It splashed and dove down.  I asked Kurt up on the bow if he saw what it was, he said yea it was a hammerhead shark about ten feet long......as you might have guessed I never did try out that Hookah.  I am afraid of sharks and despite what others may say I think you are supposed to be afraid of sharks.  Now if there are 20 other people in the water I figure I can out swim a few of them and if a shark actually did come after me, I believe I could run on water, that's how scared of sharks I am.  So why even go in the water then, because like this trip it is worth the risk.  So long,