13 May - Passage from the Azores to Gosport - Day 7

Escapade of Rame
Richard & Julie Farrington
Mon 13 May 2019 12:08
46:59N  11:15W
We have sailed 140 miles in the last 24 hours, are 1000 miles from the Azores and now have under 250 miles to run to the Ushant TSS.  The poor weather is hampering our progress – a combination of rough seas and winds gusting over 30 knots for sustained periods has forced us to slow down and focus on preserving the boat and the man.  All is well in that regard though – I spent a wet quarter of an hour on the foredeck this morning checking for any signs of chafe or wear in the mast, sails and rigging and can report everything seems to be holding up well.  The weather forecast is not particularly encouraging though and we are expecting another couple of days of slog... at least the sun is out! It’s getting a bit damp below decks, but we are doing our best to maintain standards!
Some sad news.  Percy the pigeon was washed overboard yesterday afternoon and is presumed drowned.  No great surprise – he was already 500 miles from land when he found us and must have been exhausted by at least two Atlantic swims that we witnessed.  Survival of the fittest... He had no leg bands or anything to suggest ‘ownership’.
Otherwise, morale is high and we have no defects.  Realistically we should enter the English Channel late on Wednesday.
Richard, Dave and Peter