9 December - Arrived St Georges Harbour, Grenada

Escapade of Rame
Richard & Julie Farrington
Sun 10 Dec 2017 15:29
12:02.65N 061:44.82W
We arrived at St Georges Harbour Grenada at 1430(EC time - four hours behind UK).
The last 24 hours went quickly, thanks to some fresh breeze and a collection of Atlantic squalls between 0400 and 1000 which had all hands on deck a couple of times and a good freshwater washdown! Julie's reaction was to don full foul weather gear; I just put my swimmers on!
We are in a very smart marina dominated by superyachts and floating greenhouses (sorry, cruising catamarans). Most are US flagged, quite a few Norwegians but we might not be the only Brits. No other Cape Verde boats who left in the few days before us are here yet and only three yachts from the RORC Transatlantic race are here - the rest followed a more northerly track and are still fighting light winds. Glad I listened to Julie's weather advice!
Here for a few days repairing defects, conducting maintenance and 'just chillin' ahead of Lizzie and Anna coming out later in the week.
We will write at greater length about the passage, the boat, our preparations and experiences (with pictures for the casual reader) over the next few days.
Richard & Julie XX

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