26 April - on passage towards the Azores, Day 14

Escapade of Rame
Richard & Julie Farrington
Fri 26 Apr 2019 14:56
30:05N 41:08W
We have sailed 115 miles in the last 24 hours in light, mainly southerly winds.  We are heading a little north of east in order to try to stay in what remains of that airflow over the next few days, with the aim of getting close enough to the Azores to be able to push the last 350 miles north under engine if the wind dies altogether.
Steak Night and Film Night went well, though we did have to change from spinnaker to cruising chute just before settling down to watch The Graduate.  It’s a great film, with that evocative Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack, Ann Bancroft, Katherine Ross and the red Alfa Spyder to keep most chaps happy... I wouldn’t swap them for Escapade and my lovely girls, though!
Another catamaran passed close astern this morning.  This one (a Lagoon 50 or bigger) had a mainsail up but was clearly motoring.  With no AIS transmissions and apparently no VHF either, we could not identify him or ask whether all was well.  I don’t really understand why you would spend so much money on one of those vessels and not buy the right sails to make this trip... but everyone’s different!
Some good news: fresh tuna for lunch.  Some young fool decided to go for my trusty old lure and he will bring some welcome variety to the midday menu.
The boat is going well in these light conditions, driven carefully by Tom and Ed who are earning their passage!
No significant defects and morale remains high.
Richard, Tom and Ed