30 April - on passage to the Azores, Day 18

Escapade of Rame
Richard & Julie Farrington
Tue 30 Apr 2019 14:16
35:11.8N  032:51W
We are now 285 miles from Horta, thanks largely to the engine and have sailed 160 miles in the last 24 hours.  The wind ran out yesterday afternoon around teatime and apart from a brief flurry about an hour ago (when it came back from the north) we have had less than 5 knots of breeze ever since.  Fortunately we have some fuel and should be able to push far enough north east to pick up some better winds later today or tomorrow.  By Wednesday night,  some low pressure coming across from North America should start to have an effect and we are optimistic that it will push us the last couple of hundred miles!
Otherwise, very little to report.  No more fish still, due largely to Sargasso weed snagging the lure; an armada of Portuguese Men-o-War, the last fruit cake about to go in the oven and the last of the fresh fruit about to be consumed.  We have seen three lots of dolphins in the period, our first of the passage – they always bring joy when they arrive - and this morning we saw three Great Shearwaters.
Morale is good, though it’s fair to say we are all looking forward to getting into Horta.  As things stand, Ed and Tom should make it home for weddings(many years of happiness!) and rugby matches various (Go Navy!).  I plan to refuel, take on some essential supplies and push on to Punta Delgada in time to meet the relief crew, Dave and Peter, on Saturday night.
But there are still 285 miles to go, so for now we are focused on getting the boat and ourselves in safely.  No new defects!
Richard, Ed and Tom