1 May - on passage to the Azores, Day 19

Escapade of Rame
Richard & Julie Farrington
Wed 1 May 2019 12:57
36:56N 31:21.5W
Despite some variable winds, we have made good progress in the last 24 hours and are now just 160 miles from Horta.  Currently we are motor sailing at over 8 knots, determined to drive down the required speed to a point where we can easily sail the last bit, with a sensible amount of diesel in the tank and the prospect of at least ‘last orders’ at the bar tomorrow night!
Currently the weather is just about perfect, with a light south easterly, fairly flat seas and regular visits from a Combined Operations team of dolphins (jumping clear of the water) Cory’s Shearwaters and a lone Storm Petrel (the recce man?).  Portuguese Men’o’War abound, but these chaps are bigger than we’ve seen previously, almost the size of a Cornish Pasty (I could demolish one of those right now!).  The sea and air temperatures have dropped noticeably and we have all broken out additional layers of clothing.  The bimini might come down on arrival...
Ed’s flight is booked (infuriatingly we will miss his pre-arranged flight by just a few hours) but we are waiting to hear whether Tom still has a ticket for the Army Navy game at Twickenham on Saturday before going firm on his seat.  As things stand, my fine crewmembers will depart on Friday morning and be back in Pompey that night...  I should be well placed to meet Dave and Peter on Saturday in Ponta Delgada.
Morale is high and we have no new defects onboard.
Richard, Tom and Ed