9 July at Tobermory

Escapade of Rame
Richard & Julie Farrington
Wed 13 Jul 2016 21:41
56 37.4N 006 03.5W
We met with my cousin John early afternoon in Oban and after a late lunch pushed off towards Tobermory on the tide.  The squally rain gave way to general greyness and a SW breeze of around 18 knots, allowing us to scream up the Sound of Mull at around 10 knots over the ground.  Tobermory was... full; the Clyde Cruising Club and the Ulster Cruising Club had decided to make it their home for the night too, so we anchored down in the Doirlinn Channel and I resigned myself to getting up at some ungodly hour to check whether we were going to swing into the neighbours.  We didn’t!