Lady Musgrave Island, QLD > Great Keppel Island, QLD (2015-06-05 20:45 UTC - 23:09.771S 150:57.022E)

Vries Peter Pons
Fri 5 Jun 2015 19:45

Good night sail from Lady Musgrave Island to Great Keppel Island: a couple of hours of 30 kn winds was more than was forecasted, but with a second reef in the main, the staysail and our course changing from close hauled to a broad reach in relatively calm seas made the trip relatively comfortable. The departure from Lady Musgrave at an outgoing tide was a bit hairy with rather large standing waves right beyond the narrow exit, but once out the seas under the lee side of the various islands we passed were quite calm.


The anchorage at Great Keppel Island is a bit rolly, due to a swell wrapping around the northern point, but is well protected and close to a beautiful beach. Today we did a 3 hour walk to two other beaches, which was also supposed to help my back loosen up a bit.