New Zealand>Fiji - Day 1 (2014-07-23 04:00 UTC - 33:05.3S 174:41.2E - DTF 1023 nm - Track 178 nm)

Vries Peter Pons
Wed 23 Jul 2014 04:37

Great first 24 hr run of 171 nm with 5 hrs of motoring to get well away from shore and a lovely broad reach sail since then. One reef in main, as the standing rig is new, we’ve not been out there for a year and a half, and we do not want to get nasty surprises at night with the main all out.


Not too much sleep as yet, but more than expected, and we quickly ease into it again. Lovely Indian curry today for lunch (we’re on our practical regime again of warm lunches and small bites at night during our crossings), and delicious home-made pumpkin soup for dinner yesterday. Probably also today to keep us warm, although the water temperature has risen from 11dg to 15.5dg in those 180 odd nm. Still ran the diesel heater all night, and only peeped out for a lookout every 20mins. Once we passed the N of New Zealand no further traffic thus far, only a VHF call of David and Sue of Shandon, whom we met in Whangarei Marina and who are on their way to Vanuatu.