Pittwater, NSW > Southport, QLD: Day 2 (2015-05-25 13:30 UTC - 28:42.5S 153:40.6E - DTF 54 nm)

Vries Peter Pons
Mon 25 May 2015 13:35

Change of plans: we decided to make a stopover in Southport instead of Mooloolaba, cutting our trip by some 80 nm and only because it is more convenient in terms of the arrival time. Southport is part of the Gold Coast, THE summer destination for many Aussies. Very touristy and a bit crowded apparently, but we’ll be there only for a couple of days, just to visit Brisbane from there and see what the Gold Coast is really all about. ETA tomorrow morning local time.


Had sufficient wind for most of the trip, the latter part a bit fluky because of the high passing over. Have just started the engine, as the wind is all but gone and we want to arrive reasonably early in the morning. Relaxed day with smooth seas, we’re getting into our rythm again.