Galapagos to Marquesas crossing August 2nd - 18th 2011: pictures!

Vries Peter Pons
Thu 18 Aug 2011 05:00

Galápagos to Marquesas crossing August 2nd -18th 2011

m_Leaving Isabela in rain for the Marquesasm_Beautiful skies (2)m_Last sealion of Isabela saying good-byem_Hope that the trip from the Galápagos to the Marquesas will go wellm_Port of Isabelam_Beautiful skies (3)m_Beautiful skies (4)m_Halfway party mealm_Beautiful skiesm_Beautiful sunset during crossingm_Daph dressed in foul weather gearm_Daph tukje tijdens oversteekm_Dolphins swimming alongm_Dont fall overboard nowm_End of a flying fishm_Full moon during the daym_Pizza preparationm_Home-made pizzam_How did this work againm_Last view on Isabelam_Log at 11111 nmm_Mahi-mahi of 6 kg after 30 min trollingm_Mahi-mahi remainsm_Mahi-mahi filetsm_Vries applying anti-chafe protection on the staysm_Champagne at arrival


And here the pictures of our passage, which we could not send earlier as we had no internet connection.