Galápagos>Marquesas 09-08-2011 (Day 7, 23:30 UTC): DTF 1548nm (04:03.1S 113:32.4W)

Vries Peter Pons
Wed 10 Aug 2011 01:09
DTF: 1548nm
Track: 1398nm
Trip: 1288nm

TWS: 8-20kt (15-20)
TWD: 100-150 (130-150)
TWA: 110-150 (140-150)
AWA: 80-130 (125)
HDG: 210-270 (250-260)
COG: 240-290 (255-265)
Drift: 245-305 at 0.5-1.2kt
Data average over last 24hrs and between () is now.

Bit of a difficult night to sleep , as the wind varied continuously, both in
strength from a miserable 8 to 20 knots as well as in direction from a great
SE to the dreaded but unavoidable E. And the confused swells did not improve
matters. Whereas it had been great when we sailed with 8-9kts into the not
so dark night with a crescent moon in calm seas and 15 kts of wind from SE.
After struggling through the early morning as well, the sailing improved
around midday with a slightly more consistent windspeed of some 12-20kts and
more from the SE again.

Today at 13:00UTC it was exactly a week ago we left the Galápagos: did
1318nm or 7.9kts on average, which is more than we expected and we're
enjoying every minute of it (well, those minutes at night that you have to
get up every 10 minutes to re-adjust the sails maybe slightly less, but the
remote control to steer the boat out of your bunk proves to be a great
investment for lazy sailors like us).

If everything goes well, we have our halfway party tomorrow! Doesn't mean
the second half will go as fast, as we'll get the wind from the E, which
means more distance as we'll have to tack downwind for a comfortable ride.