Pelican Bay (Fraser Island), QLD > Lady Musgrove Island, QLD (2015-06-02 01:20 UTC - 23:54.142S 152:24.262E)

Vries Peter Pons
Wed 3 Jun 2015 07:54

Safe arrival at Lady Musgrove Island at 9.20 hrs local time on Tuesday 2 June after a 21hr sail. What started out as a very promising relaxed broad reach sail with very calm seas at the leeward side of Fraser Island changed when the winds picked up and we were passed the protection of Fraser Island. A very choppy sea with short waves up to 2m  and winds up to 30kn made the trip much less comfy than we had earlier hoped for.


The man-made entrance through the reef (they blew part of the reef up, wonder whether that would still be an acceptable practice nowadays!) was easy. As a first for a long time crystal clear water and an idyllic beach. Snorkelling is supposed to be nice here, but unfortunately since yesterday the author is plagued by an excruciating hernia or something, almost completely immobile. Slight hope that Voltarén will be my saviour for the time being and allow me to swim. Next stop Great Keppel Island, a one-night sail of some 100nm to the NW to check if there is an osteopath to help me out of my misery, departure from here probably Friday afternoon (5/6).