New Zealand>Fiji - Day 3 (2014-07-25 04:00 UTC - 27:40.4S 174:58.5E - DTF 713 nm - Track 546 nm)

Vries Peter Pons
Fri 25 Jul 2014 04:58

Making good progress, this morning  we gybed, as the wind already had too much of a S component. Now COG some 60-70dg, not ideal, but once the wind turns more S-SSE, we'll make up for it and a broad reach is more comfy, which makes a slight detour worth it. Today a bit squally, but yesterday evening and night it was a perfect calm ride with one reef in the main for safety. We even watched a movie with the pause button under hand for the occasional lookout. Surreal to do that, whilst in the middle of the ocean, but  very nice. Today a lovely lemony salmon pasta for lunch, no drinks, because Daph still feels a bit squirmy, nothing major, but a definite first for her. Normally she can cook whatever in a steaming hot galley below decks in rough seas without any problem, but this time I guess she has to swing in a bit.