New Zealand>Fiji - Day 6 (2014-07-27 09:30 UTC - 19:29.5S 178:58.1E - DTF 169 nm - Track 1113 nm)

Vries Peter Pons
Mon 28 Jul 2014 06:50

After light 10-15 kn winds during the night, just enough to keep us moving at a reasonable speed, a nice movie and a fair amount of sleep we definitely got into the trades (prevailing E-SE winds in winter time in this part of the world) this morning, blowing at some 20kn from ESE and moving us closer to our destination at 8-9kn. At this pace we may make it before dark tomorrow 29/7 into Savusavu Bay, but it will likely be late for clearance. Tomorrow morning we have to decide whether we reduce sail to get to our Port of Entry in daytime 30/7 or have a go at getting there in time.


Thus far today was rather eventless, which, on a boat, is very good news indeed! Delicious saté for lunch and an afternoon nap for the skipper.