Cairns, QLD > Margaret Bay, QLD: Day 2 (2015-07-06 02:00 UTC - 11:57.360S 143:12.440E)

Vries Peter Pons
Tue 7 Jul 2015 08:02

One of those once in a lifetime fabulously comfortable passages: smooth seas, due to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef and little fetch as we sailed closely along the reefs and the mainland, a stable SE tradewind of some 15-20 kn, allowing us to sail at a broad reach for most of the 360nm passage, a ¾ moon, putting the clear skies on fire for most of the night and not even one squall. Only a vigilant watch was required as we had to negotiate some tight bottlenecks, sharing those in the shipping lane with up to 300m long cargo ships. One rather tricky moment, where three humongous cargoships and  little us had to negotiate such a bottleneck with a dog leg in it all at the same time. This happened luckily at the end of our passage in broad daylight. It took us all in all exactly 48 hrs, so a good 180nm per day.


Lovely, big and isolated anchorage at Margaret Bay, where we’ll spend the afternoon and catch up with some sleep. Departure during the night to catch the favourable flood tide of up to 4 kn, when rounding Cape York, some 95nm from here. Next destination Possession Island just W of Cape York to wait for the next favourable tide to negotisate the Endeavour Strait and head for Darwin.