Galápagos>Marquesas 10-08-2011 (Day 8, 02:15UT C (11-08)): DTF 1331nm (05:14.6S 116:58.6W)

Vries Peter Pons
Thu 11 Aug 2011 03:17
DTF: 1331nm
Track: 1616nm
Trip: 1493nm

TWS: 15-20kt (15-20)
TWD: 100-120 (100-120)
TWA: 140-150 (140-150)
AWA: 110-125 (120-125)
HDG: 240-260 (240-250)
COG: 235-265 (250-260)
Drift: 270-30 at 0.5-1.0kt
Data average over last 24hrs and between () is now.

24hrs of consistent winds between 15-20 kts from ESE, good progress and
relaxed sailing.

Yesssss, at 11:00UTC (03:00 local time) today we reached our halfway
milestone in 7 days and 21hrs, only 1454 of in total 2908nm to go. As
mentioned before, it is unlikely the second half will go as fast. We'll
probably have to tack downwind for a comfortable ride with the wind backing
to E, meaning a longer distance to get to our destination. But we're quite
happy with the progress we made thus far, not in the least because fellow
cruisers, who left some days after us encountered very light winds. This
called for a celebratory lunch, so we showered, washed hairs, shaved, and
sat down refreshed for a lunch with tournedos, salad and freshly baked
bread, that this time not only had a crunchy crust, but had the airy
substance, as if it came directly from "Le Fournil", our favorite bakery in
Amsterdam, complemented by a lovely red wine. For desert an Irish coffee
made with our Nespresso machine, our daily highlight few other cruisers
share and real chocolat, a treat you have to have stocked in bulk, as it
will not be available for some time to come. And all of this while cruising
at a comfortable 8-9kts towards Fatu-Hiva, apparently the most beautiful
island of the Marquesas. Very excited to get there, but we're in no rush at
all. Having said that, we're both competitive enough to strive for a quick
passage. And then it's time for our afternoon nap, writing the blog and a
few mails until the darkness sets in and tries to obscure the magnificent
picture perfect Pacific Ocean skyline with its well-defined Alto Stratus
clouds (or was it Cirro Stratus, whatever ...), challenged by an almost full

By choice we've earned ourselves another hour today, now being at UTC-8hrs
or NL-10hrs.