Ha'apai, Tonga>Whangarei, New Zealand - Day 0 (2012-11-03 17:00 UTC - 19:51.1S 174:25.0W - DTW 1118): departure

Vries Peter Pons
Sat 3 Nov 2012 17:05
Leaving from Ha'apai, Tonga this morning 4/11 for New Zealand, one of the
more challenging passages during our voyage in terms of weather. This may be
a good weather window for sailing the 1109nm to either Opua or Whangarei,
New Zealand. Some of our friends, like the crew on Victory, Santa paz and
Pacific Bliss have left yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon, we'll
follow suit.

Had a lovely time in Tonga, but now it's time to leave for the cyclone
season, go home for a couple of months and then come back to NZ to do jobs
on the boat and travel around.